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หัวข้อ : Free Download CorelDRAW X6 Full Version
5/9/2555 21:05:00

Corel Corporation's re-release of its newest product, CorelDRAWX6 which is an improvement from previous versions namely CorelDRAWX5. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 is the best software in the field of graphic design. With the X6 version improvements, CorelDRAW X6 growing perfect in terms of graphic design.

CorelDRAW X6

Instruction Installation

1. First, disconnect your internet. Extract file .rar with Haozip. Download Haozip

2. Run CorelDRAWX6Installer.exe

3. Wait...

4. Wait... (Ad Secured Loan Calculator)

5. Click "Continue" to next step

6. Checklist on "I accept the term of the License Agreement" and then click "Next"

7. Turn Off your antivirus. Open folder keygen and run keygen.exe (Don't closed this keygen while installation)

8. In keygen select program "Corel Draw Graphics Suite X6 v16.0" (1), copy serial number (2) and Select "I have a serial number" and paste serial number in here.(3)

9. Select "Custome"

10. Select program

11. Checklist all and then click "Next"

12. Unchecklist at "Allow product updates" and then click "Install Now"

 13. Wait...

 14. Click "Finish" (Ad Mesothelioma Lawyers)

15. To activation click "Other Activation Option"

16. Select "Phone Corel" to activation

17. See code in "Installation Code"(4), and then write code to keygen.exe in "Installation Code"(5)

18. After step 17th finish. Click "Activation"(6), and then appear code "Activation Code"(7), next step copy paste code to application "Activation Code" (8), click "Continue"

19. Finish. Closed (Ad Remortgaging)


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